Few Words Said About Me

“Whether they are about subjects as simple as a flower or an insect, or as immense as a city skyline or an arctic ice shelf, Stefan’s photos have something in”

~ Rosemary Connors

“…They say to look for a unique perspective. We all shot the ice, but your shot of the boat Anne is unique. It captured the feel of the place…”

~ Robert Hodges

“I just want the world to know that Stefan is amazing photographer! He is truly talented, patient, and has amazing ideas that will blow your mind! He has a passion for photography which makes the experience that much better. He works from all his heart. Bet on him out and you will not be disappointed.”

~ Chono Kolev

Some words about me

My passion for the photography began when I was 8 years old. I remember my summer breaks in the photo lab with my aunt, who was a professional photographer. In the dark room, I was mesmerized by the “magic” that brought the images to life on the white paper. I remember the thrill of buying my first camera (Lomo Smena Symbol), then the first flash, the first color film… Many things had changed since that time – color films made everything to look so real, film cameras were replaced by digital, mirrorless replaced DSLR, new lenses, new sensors, and more, and more…

The only thing that never changed is my passion for photography – the magic of colors and light, the moments you capture and preserve for the future generations. My goal is to share with you the energy, uniqueness and magical beauty of some of these moments – the way I saw them with my eyes. I believe that a good picture is like a good joke – “if you have to explain it – then it’s not that good.” So no more words; go forward and take the journey – hope you enjoy my art.


2014 – 1st place – Canon photo contest “Celebrating 100,000,000 EF lenses”

2009 – 1st place – Beach Camera: Competition with theme “Winter”

1st place – Canon photo contest “Celebrating 100,000,000 EF lenses”
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